Monday, November 09, 2009


My ride home last night turned out to be interesting. I took a longer way home to get a little extra time in the saddle. As I was riding up one steep hill, a dog came after me from across the road. This dog is big and bouncy and probably friendly, but you never know. I was going to keep riding when I heard a motorcycle coming from behind, I slowed, knowing that if the dog came after me, he would likely be t-boned by the motorcycle. I waved my arm to the left to motion to the motorcycle that a dog was there. He slowed down and rolled up next to me, he continued to go as slowly as he could. I hesitated for split second, until I realized that he was blocking for me. I got pedaling and the dude on the motorcycle blocked for the whole 100yrd length of the dog's property, really cool!!

Then I went up and over the next hill, just over the top, as I was getting speed again, I almost t-boned a rabbit!!!

And finally, as I was descending that same hill, I saw that oncoming traffic had slowed to a crawl, with one car flashing headlights, often a warning to oncoming traffic to watch for danger in the road. It was pretty dark by this time as the sun had set and the sky was overcast. Then I saw the reason for the caution. There was a pile of leaves all the way across the road, about 6 feet wide, and 2-3 feet tall. All the way across the road, and two dudes with blowers, blowing them out of their yard into the ditch on the other side of the road. Weird.

Yesterday, ( in the post: The Swank), I mentioned that I had a change of perspective. A couple of people mentioned that I should not give up, don't be discouraged etc. I guess that I failed to communicate that I am not at all giving up. I have started training and expect to do better than last year. I already feel stronger!! But, I am not going to entertain the idea that I could beat the likes of Jeremiah Bishop on a 50-100 mile race. ( obviously if he had a bad day, flatted, etc. I would finish before him, but I think you know what I mean.).

So, no worries, you will see me out there next year, duking it out, going for the hole shot, digging deep, but not overdrawing the account!!!

Have a great day!!!

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