Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I posted a couple of days ago about imbalance. When something is hurting in the body, there is usually an imbalance. A muscle on one side of the body pulling everything off kilter.

Core strengthening is a great way to create balance in the body. I have tried different routines for years to get my core strong. Sit-ups, push ups, pull ups etc. But my problem is that exercise has to be interesting, and fun.

A couple of years ago, we purchase a Pilates DVD and attempted that. For some reason, the exercises hurt, not a good hurt, but painful and uncomfortable. So, on to more crunches....boring repetitive crunches.

Cue Yoga. I have never done yoga. I have heard about it, and friends have done it. I have friends who are instructors. I have been told that it is great etc. I decided to try it for myself.
I purchased this "Yoga For Cyclists" DVD and gave it a try.

I was surprised to find a workout, 30 minutes in length, that was fairly easy. The stretches are working parts of my body that I knew I needed to stretch, but did not know how. The strengthening exercises are subtle but thorough. The routine is challenging yet relaxing.

I can tell that my posture has improved, as has my position on the bike. I feel better, and look forward to what this routine will do for me over the next couple of months!!

If you have having imbalances, check out YogaFit.com for a whole slew of different Yoga DVD's. Or if you have the cash flow, join a local Yoga class.

Have a great day.


Jules said...

We have a local yoga class designed for boaters or baseball players (weird mix). Focuses on torso and shoulders; namely injury prevention in those areas. I've tried to talk Scott into signing up. But he can't imagine himself in yoga pants...

My name is Stephen said...

tell him just to wear his board shorts, and tell him I said he is skeerd.