Monday, November 16, 2009

Great Weekend

The weekend was great, even though I didn't get on the bike one time. I talked to my bikes, and reminded them that there will be other weekends, but I didn't even touch them.

Saturday, the kid and I headed out to Pisgah to do some trail work. We reconstructed (?) a section of trail that runs on an old road bed. The trail ran down the middle of the road bed, which also fills with water from rain and a nearby creek. We did some rock work and zig zagged the trail a bit to keep it on high ground and out of the water.

Saturday evening, we previewed Klunkerz for the upcoming showing at the Pisgah Area Sorba Holiday Party: December 12th 7pm. Stay tuned for location and other details. They have offered to sponsor a used gear silent auction to benefit World Bicycle Relief. So, bring some old gear and have some fun.

Sunday, I told my kid that I needed to do some work on the house. He reminded me that it was Daddy/son day and that if I did that, he would not have anything to do, and I would be working all day.

Lesson of the weekend: Listen to your kids.

A light bulb flashed on in my head and I ran with the idea. I decided that progress on the project was less important than teaching him valuable life lessons. I proceeded to enlist his help with the project, giving him the important roll of measuring and remembering the measurements so I could make the proper cuts. Then he did some nailing for me. I can proudly say that he understands the concepts of fractions of an inch.

After my sweet wife got home from work, I decided to forgo my evening ride. Partially because I am not ready to ride for extended periods in the dark, and partially because I wanted to hang with the fam.

We loaded up and headed to the parkway with a picnic dinner to watch the sun set. I didn't even think about riding while we were up there chilling.

On the way back down we saw a large, dog looking animal that at first I thought was a red fox. We pulled over and watched it for a few minutes before it wandered into the woods. As we were driving again, I was thinking back to college days. I and some friends had a camp fire up in the woods. We made some chicken fajitas and tossed the leftover chicken bits in the woods, just outside of the firelight. Later, a red fox approached quietly, eating the scraps. It was then I realized that we had not seen red fox, but what I believe be a red wolf!!!

A great end to a great weekend. We all took a moment to thank our creator for the animals.

Have a great day.


Butch Greene said...

If you saw a red, you should let the FS know. If I'm not wrong, they need public feedback to help identify their range in the re-introduction project. Do an e-search.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the support:).
Ride on,

My name is Stephen said...

Butch-already did it
Billy- no problem!!

Chris said...

Dang, now I have to worry about wolves? Do they eat small children, say, 1 year old and really cute with blue eyes and no hair? :-)

J/k -- it's freaky how much they look like coyotes though. Around here they're being encroached by populated areas, and they're eating small dogs on a pretty regular basis.

Anonymous said...

I saw a "dog" very similar to SJ's pic near the Horse Stables back in September. I thought it might have been abandoned and was squatting there with a piece of bread saying "here puppy" when my friend says, "I don't think that's a dog".
Vote: A shedding coyote (dead hair looks red) 8^)