Thursday, November 05, 2009


This word has been stuck in my head for several weeks now. It's one of those things that I am chewing on and I have realized that it has a lot to do with pretty much everything.

In life, we need balance. For instance: in endurance racing, a person needs water, not too much or they wind up with a condition that is too difficult to spell at 6am. Also, not too little or they get dehydrated. And the amount can change due to external circumstances which include but are not limited to temperature, exertion, and diet.

On the bike, if one leg is pedaling faster/ stronger than the other, this creates an imbalance. If the handle bars are slightly twisted to one side, this creates an imbalance.

At work or on a sports team, if one person is not carrying their load, or not communicating, or complaining instead of working to reach a solution, this creates an imbalance.

At home, same issues, if one person in the family is not doing their part to contribute to the common good, there is an imbalance.

We must seek to be balanced.

Balanced does not always mean comfortable though. Like getting up early to exercise, or have some alone time. Seeking balance will push your limits and that is rarely comfortable, but often worth the discomfort.

Look to nature, you see balance everywhere. A constant was created and woven into everyday life that we can look around and see with our own eyes. Look at the ants, whatever you believe about the age of the earth, the ants have been collecting food every year, getting ready for the season ahead. Watch them, and learn from them.

Have a great day.


Butch Greene said...

you had me...then you lost me... :- )

Anonymous said...

Had me and kept me. 8^)

Anonymous said...

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