Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Big Mac and Five Bucks

Last night was girls night out. That left Jubal and me to fend for ourselves. Jubal said he wanted a hot dog, and wanted to go to McDonald's. We ended up at McDonald's. ( Who is Mc Donald anyway, didn't he have a farm? That must be where he gets all that good meat for those big juicy burgers). So, I got my Bic Mac fix, found a five dollar bill, Jubal got his 4 pc Chicken Mc Nuggets of which he only ate two, got his little robot toy, and played in the play place ( I wonder what kind of nasty germs he picked up there). Every once in a while Jubal would look at me and say" Mc Donald's is nasty". I taught him that. After I would agree, he would say' Naw, just jokin'". He doesn't quite believe how disgusting it really is. He'll understand as he gets older.

Remember the drafty cold hotel room? It is at the Days Inn in Dalton GA. Don't stay in room 121. I finally got in touch with the manager. We had a nice chat. Since we will be going back to Dalton for 2 more races, I let him know that I would like to stay at his hotel, it was very clean and spacious, but I didn't want to be cold all night. He said he understood and that he would give me a discounted price on my future stay. The funny thing is he quoted me $1 more than the price I paid!!! So we went back and forth, me talking him down, comparing his price to a hotel up the road. I told him I would call him back. He then asked me how much I wanted to pay. Ooh, good question. I gave him a price, he countered and I agreed. I ended up getting two nights for the price of one. YEAH!!!!

Have a great day

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