Friday, January 04, 2008

One More Day....

until the first race of the season. I get to this point, and I am so excited, that I am already having stomach issues, butterflies, etc. My heart beats fast as I get a burst of adrenaline just thinking about the race.

A lot of races start around 6-7am. This one starts somewhere around 9 am. And the hotel we are splurging to stay in is 5 minutes from the registration/ finish line, and only about 30 minutes from the start. This means I will be able to sleep until a normal time and eat a normal breakfast. I really have trouble eating a decent breakfast at 5 am.

It is supposed to be 32 at 6 am tomorrow in Dalton, with a high of 52. I packed 3 different sets of clothes with multiple layering options. You just never know.

Rhonda and Jubal come along with me. They are a huge support, cheering me on, handing me fresh water bottles, and cheering me on. Jubal loves to ring his cowbell for me.

I race and train on a Bianchi WUSS. It stands for White Ugly Single Speed. It is sweet. It only has one gear. Why? I like to try new and different things. It really is a lot of fun too. I never have to worry about adjusting the shifter or any of that. Most races have a single speed class of their own now too. Try it sometime.

Race report later this weekend.

Have a great day.

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The Goat in a Turtle Shell said...

Yo, Good Luck Holmes. I'll be routin for ya as I start my earley morning tour in Pisgah at 19 degrees. BRRR!!!