Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Good Morning

It's amazing that 35 degrees feels warm. Several weeks ago ( months?) when the temps dropped to 35 it was cold. Now? It feels warm. It looks like the weather will be in the warm 30's and 40's for the next week. I'm hoping to start upping my mileage as the days get longer. not much, but 30-40 miles per week would be helpful.

I'm feeling good about my laid back training though. Felling strong. I ran the data from my ride on Monday and I climbed around 4500 ft in 37 miles. The Cohutta 100 climbs 14,000ft in 100 miles, so the elevation was comparable.

One Saturday soon I am going to do a long gravel rd training ride. I'll leave from my house, go through Bent Creek, up to the Parkway. Then down Wash Creek Rd, right on Yellow Gap Rd, to hey 276 and back. That will give me 70 miles total. I'm not sure what the elevation gained will be but the terrain is similar to the Cohutta.

There are a lot more challenging routes that I could take. I will be passing most of the classic singletrack trails in Pisgah on this route. But, I am going after specific training. Distance at a steady speed on dirt roads. That is the name of the game. I'm hoping that I will end up with an average of 10-11 mph. If anyone wants to come along, let me know.

Have a great day.

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