Thursday, January 17, 2008

Tomicog Review

I got my Tomicog. I was super excited to get out and try it. It is a cog that mounts on the rear wheel of a mtn bike. It creates a fixed gear for you. Again, I was super excited about something new and different. I'm not so excited anymore. The cog did what it is supposed to do, and it is great quality. It just isn't my thing.

I am selling it, if you think it might be your thing. I'll sell it at a discount if you want it, let me know. It just might be your thing. Not my thing though. Too bad. Could have been fun.

Have a great day.


The Goat in a Turtle Shell said...

you don't need one of those fad thingamigies anywhoo. Riding Fixed and mountain, just screams look at me. Course I said that about singlespeeds, Rigids and 29er's a few years ago and look at what I'm riding now.

dicky said...

Interesting thoughts Jeremy.
Some folks get it, some don't.
Hard to scream "Look at me" when you're riding off the back and in your own world.
It's definitely made things more interesting for me this winter.

greta&iggy xox said...

Hello Stephen!

If this cog is still lingering around yours, i'd be very interested in purchasing it! How many teeth does it have?

Like you, i am married and have a family (twin 4month old boys).. I hope to perfect my fixed MTB skills before these boys are old enough to laugh at my bruises and scrapes!

Please email me - if it is still available..much appreciated!
Cheers matey, Iggy