Friday, January 23, 2009


I got out for a short ride in Bent Creek last night. After the game of Hockey, I was not sure if I was going to be able to ride, but I actually felt great. I have some new Specialized Pro Carbon shoes and those things rock. I can totally tell the difference in power transfer.

I hit the trail and went up Wolf Branch. It is a fun little single track trail with a few optional difficult lines. I was feeling good so I hit the first little log ride instead of the bridge. Nice. On up the trail I rode over a couple of log piles. My goal was a log ride at the end of the trail. The set up is a rock about two feet long leaning against the log at a 45 degree angle. I have attempted this before but always backed out. With the skills elements in my back yard, I have been learning some things and my confidence has soared.

I got to the log, rolled up the ramp and stalled. I went on up the hill, turned around and rode down the log!!! Nailed it. I turned around, got my speed up, hit the ramp, rolled up, bobbled, pedaled, rode the entire length of the log!!! Yeah!!

I pedaled on up Ingles Field and at 5 points took Little Hickory Top. I was surprised at this point to be riding through an inch of snow. The whole hill side was still covered in it. The sun had set and the sky was darkening, making the snow bright white in contrast. Towards the end I took the techy narrow single track option. At the end of this fun trail is a sharp hairpin, off-camber uphill turn that dumps into a creek before continuing down the hill. Again, confidence from practicing skills, I rode through without a dab!!

I was tired but elated. I headed back to the parking lot.

When I got to the lot, it was dark but I recognized the voices of some Bio-Wheels guys. I decided to have a little laugh. "Hey, do you guys know Stephen Janes?" I yelled. " Yeah, we know him", they said. " I heard that he is kind of a jerk", I yelled. At this point they got really quiet and didn't say anything. " Have you heard that?" I asked. Mike Brown and Chris K spoke up," No, actually he is a really nice guy!". And then suddenly they realised it was me. We had a good laugh, they headed out into the darkness and I headed home.

Have a great day.

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Butch Greene said...

Your next assignment is to jump the ramp rock on the right side just past the log at the top on your way down. Super easy...smoother than you think.