Friday, January 16, 2009


I'm attempting to get a variance for an encroachment on an easement. That's what it will take to build like we want to build. The problem is that the sewer line is currently private since it has not been closed out with MSD and thereby made public. So, what does that mean? Not sure yet, I'm waiting to hear back from MSD, who by the way has been very helpful.

In fact, all of the City of Asheville people I have worked with so far have been helpful. I hope that this continues on such a positive note.

I turned in the application for the building permit this morning. It will take 5-7 business days to have the plans reviewed. Hmmm,, try not to think about it!!

Riding: I got on the rollers in the shed last night, might do that again tonight. I'm pretty sure my soft southern lungs would crystalize if I tried to ride outside in these temps.

Chris Strout on the other hand told me that he thinks this is great weather for trail riding. Chris also lives in a huge city....

Have a great day!!!

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