Saturday, January 10, 2009


Friday night I got out of my conference early. I headed to Bent Creek to hit the trails. I got in a nice easy paced spin with Rebecca and Angela. Timing was perfect. I got back just in time to meet up with Ben Blitch. Fun.

Saturday, I took Jubal to watch Arena Cross at the WNC Ag Center. That was great. They had 4 yr old all the way up through pro categories. Some of those guys, and girls, could fly. I saw one dude get run off the course, putting him in about 15th. By the end of the 3 laps he had worked his way back to 3rd. Another guy did some pretty wild no-handed cartwheels, head and feet only. We also got to see the quad races, and see one of the riders get run over by his own quad, yeah!!!!

Saturday and Sunday rides were squeezed in between Rhonda getting home from work and darkness, with a little rain and freezing temps just for fun.

This is looking down hwy70 West.

This is my face during a tempo ride and 36 degrees

This is my face during hill climb intervals.

This is the Blue Ridge Pkwy.

That pretty much sums up my riding this weekend, good stuff.

Have a great day.

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Chris said...

What? No snow?

My name is Stephen said...

Not this time, it's all up higher though, another 800 feet up!! I have trouble complaining about riding in the cold after reading your updates!!!