Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Please Help Us!!!

If you live in or near Asheville, if you ever plan to visit or move here, if there is even a remote chance you might think about ever calling this city your home, please either come to City Council tonight, or send an email to the City Counsel members, asking them NOT to close this road.
Thanks for your help.

From the BioWheels Web-site

Asheville City Council to Consider Giveaway of Planned Greenway Route on Tuesday, January 27!

What can you do?

1) Attend City Council Mtg on Tuesday, Jan 27th.

2) Email City Council telling them not to sell our future greenways and that connectivity between Downtown, AB-Tech & the River Arts district must be the priority.

The Asheville Greenway Master Plan includes a planned route that starts at the southern edge of downtown and follows an old city-owned roadbed mid-way between Coxe and Ashland Avenues known as Wallack St. The Wallack and Town Branch Greenway would ultimately reach the river district and lead to connections to AB Tech and the planned Beaucatcher Overlook Park.
The greenway would provide a great off-road bike and pedestrian trail, would be an environmental plus, and would support continued progressive redevelopment of the Coxe Avenue corridor. The city’s Greenway Commission recently did a study that ranked this planned route 11th out of the 26 routes included in its long range plan.
Property owners bordering the Wallack Street right-of-way have petitioned City Council to close the corridor. The closure would result in the city giving away, for just for the asking, all of this publicly-owned land to the neighbors that front on it. Some on City Council have already staked out a position favoring the street closure and give-away.
We must act to protect the little remaining open space the city owns.
Again…Please contact all members of City Council at once and simply say that you oppose the closure of Wallack Street and want to see it preserved for a future greenway. Also plan to attend the City Council session at 5:00PM this Tuesday to show your support. Time is short so act now. And pass the word by forwarding this email.
Emails of Council Members:

Have a great day.

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