Wednesday, January 14, 2009

In The Mix

I got to ride home in the wintry mix last night. Rain had been forecast for 3pm, but it held off until 5pm. That worked out well for me because by then, the temps had dropped and it was mostly snow and some sleet. As I got closer to home there were waves off light rain/sleet mix which eventually turned to mostly snow and some sleet. Nice touch. I'm really glad that snowflakes are small though, if they were 50 times bigger, they would be comparable to frozen ninja stars, and that would not be good.

I get to go to the City of Asheville office today. I need them to help my determine the exact location of my building setback, so that I don't build on the Right of Way. After my experience with them last summer, I am not a bit concerned about having a good experience.

No riding today.

Have a great day!!

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