Thursday, January 22, 2009

Got Hockey?

This morning it was 17 degrees at 6am but it was supposed to get to 25 by 9am. Considering that the sun was coming up, there were no clouds, and barely a breeze, I road my bike to work. Ouch.

After getting in the office and getting changed, the phone rang.
"Hey Stephen", it was one of my co-workers. "Get down here, we're all skating on the lake". What ensued was an hour long hockey game. I played my heart out, scored, made some great shots, some really bad shots, talked a lot of trash and hit the deck more than once. I've been skating before, in Charlotte, at Eastland mall, a loooong time ago. But, I have never played hockey. It was definitely a blast!!

I got the approved building permit from the City of Asheville yesterday. That was very exciting. Reading through all of the guidelines for building to code was pretty overwhelming. The next step is to get the building setback and the easement surveyed, the inspector is going to want to see those lines.

Have a great day.

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