Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Little LOST

I have been watching LOST for a ridiculously long time now. And I don't like to complain, but come on, man!!!!

It started out as a really great story, about a plane crash on an apparently deserted island. Then there were the "others", the polar bear, the horse, the hydro bomb, the hatch, Ben, real time, past tense, future tense. If you have not watched it, none of that makes any sense in any tense.

Every episode, they almost give us some answers. In fact, they do give us some answers, but I say almost because every answer creates plenty more questions. They multiply like fleas on a hound dog. ( not to stereotype hound dogs, but I imagine fleas would like a good hound dog).

So, I really don't like this show, but I continue to watch it in hopes that the end will be as good as the beginning, or better perhaps.

If you haven't seen it, you can rent the previous seasons on DVD or watch them on line, and join me in my misery.

My ride home last night was great, I was allowed to hammer up the hills, and let my heart rate go a little wild. It felt good, I felt good, the legs burned, yeah.

Here is some great advice from Chris Strout on intervals: "Good choice to go minimal on your first run, you should always finish intervals with the last one as quality as the first ... and feeling like you could do one more (maybe). BUT, just wait. As you get stronger, they get harder, in a vicious circle that will beat the crap out of you before it makes you a beast"!

Bring on the beast.

Have a great day

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Butch Greene said...

Been hooked since episode one unfortunately. Still ticked that they killed off Echo.