Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Great Moment

We were eating some delicious Picante Chicken that Rhonda whipped up and baked in our iron skillet. It was full of juicy onions and green peppers. Jubal was complaining about them, he is a 4 yr old. So, being the well rounded dad that I am I explained to him that some kids in the world don't have anything to eat. We moved on to desert: a chocolate pudding brownie cake with whipped cream on top. As we were eating that, I mentioned to Jubal that some kids don't ever get dessert.
After thinking for a few minutes, 4yr olds like to process deep thoughts, Jubal said" Well, when I get big I'm going to help them". When I asked him to be more specific, he told us that he was going to go live with the kids that didn't have much and help them.

Yeah, that's my boy!!!!

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Chris said...

Awesome. Take that kid to Zambia!