Friday, November 20, 2009

Customer Service

I am very appreciative when I get good customer service. And when the service is everything that one could dream of when dreaming of customer service, then I want everybody to know about it.

I bought a wool hoodie from Patagonia about one year ago. I wore it to work, and around town. I took care of it and expected it to last.

When the temps dropped this fall I pulled it out of storage and wore it. I was disappointing to see a couple of small holed forming in the fabric. Not realizing that the company might do something I continued to wear the sweater.

One day at work a co-worker told me about his Patagonia product. He told me that his had worn out too. He wrote the company a letter asking if there was anything that could be done. In response they sent him a brand new replacement.

I didn't hesitate and contacted the company. I sent the sweater 2nd day air via UPS as they requested. It went in the mail on Tuesday, arrived in Utah on Thursday. Then the waiting began. The website advertises a 6 week waiting period. I expected to have to call several times to check on the progress.

One week later, on the following Tuesday, I got home to find a box on the doorstep. Hmmm. I didn't get excited. I opened the box, expecting to see my old sweater in there with a note saying "too bad", in customer service wording.

I was really surprised, when I opened the box, and found a brand new edition of a wool hoodie, that was actually is a higher retail value than the old one.

Great company, great service. More companies should pay attention!!

Have a great day.


inexplicableways said...

Patagonia is fantastic! I'm about to send in a pair of shoes that need some repair after a year of wear. I don't mind paying more for products when I know the company stands by their warranty. Likewise, Chaco has replaced my sandals several times.

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